ITTStar OSS/BSS Planning

 Operations Support System (OSS) performs management, inventory, engineering, planning, and repair functions for telecommunications service providers and their       networks. Business Support Systems (BSS) are the systems that Service Providers use to run its business operations.

  ITTStar Solutions provides independent and unbiased end-to-end OSS/BSS Solutions to service providers in addressing their various technical, operational and   business needs. Through its team of experienced and high-performing telecommunications and business professionals, ITTStar Solutions designs and implements   the following OSS/BSS Solutions:

  •   → Unified AAA & Policy Manager
  •   → Unified Rating & Charging
  •   → Convergent Billing
  •   → Fraud Management
  •   → Revenue Assurance
  •   → Interconnect Business
  •   → Fiber Monitoring