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ITTStar effectively creates an integrated culture

When it comes to organizational change—mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, divestitures, joint ventures, and bankruptcies—what looks good on paper doesn't always lead to great results. A huge factor in the success of any corporate change is people—part of the equation that's too often overlooked.

As leaders in the human capital transformation and transactions arena, we counsel companies that are undergoing corporate transitions on their human capital assets—helping them assess and structure leadership teams, address organizational and workforce effectiveness and optimize program efficacy and impact.

Our corporate transactions team is comprised of world leaders who have successfully led and managed some of the most significant, successful and complex global transactions.

We offer a full range of consulting services for mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring, including due diligence, acquisitions and integration, and restructuring, turnarounds and cost-effectiveness strategies. We focus on the critical human capital value drivers that are tied to the business strategy underlying the transaction or restructuring.

 ITTStar merger consulting services take an integrated, systematic approach, providing you  with:

  •   Due diligence support
  •   Detailed plans for executing strategy through people, including assessment of employee leadership capabilities and identification of competencies
  •   Staffing models, organizational structure and detailed role profiling
  •   Workforce needs analysis and modeling
  •   New country legal entity and HR setup
  •   Change management
  •   Culture visioning and transformation

 Through our detailed financial models, project management tools and advanced software analytics, we work with you on every component of the merger and acquisition   lifecycle. By working closely with you to develop a decisive plan for your M&A initiatives, we help increase your odds of success throughout each of the following steps:

  • 1. Align your strategic objectives with your M&A expectations
    2. Develop pre and post M&A strategies
    3. Identify and assess M&A options
    4. Develop acquisition rationale and intent
    5. Define and Implement acquisition strategy

    1. Assess potential targets and strategic partners.
    2. Determine your M&A criteria leveraging your strategic objectives
    3. Screen and prioritize candidates
    4. Prepare preliminary deal structures

  • 1. Engage target and develop deal terms
    2. Conduct due diligence
    3. Prepare financial modeling, bid tactics, and strategy
    4. Finalize the deal shape
    5. Prepare offer documents

  • 1. Initiate an overall program management structure
    2. Develop an approach to risk and issue management
    3. Oversee legal and regulatory approval
    4. Manage the business case
    5. Develop and implement a readiness program
    6. Monitor performance and stability
    7. Build the integration framework