Client need to understand their End User experience of the Wi-Fi service they provide to the customers and need to improve service quality by figuring out the issue with their routers & controllers.


  • Developed a Data Lake by ingesting all different data sources.
  • Process Log files and analyze user experience when connect to wi-fi access point.
  • Determine the factors affecting the functionality of the access point and develop a model to predict the likelihood of access point failure.
  • Corresponding insights were delivered through automatic email alert and visualization in dashboard.
  • solution helps to take pro-active approach on fixing the devices.


  • Increase in customer experience and loyalty by predicting access point traffic, monitoring network performance and reducing downtime.
  • Decrease in maintenance costs by 30% through log and event monitoring, automated ticket creation and escalation.
  • Reduction in operational costs by predicting network disruptions and initiating escalation protocol.