Your gateway to build , manage and govern an Enterprise cloud ecosystem deploy apps on Microsoft Azure with confidence by having ITTStar as your implementation partner.


Use our knowledge to implement a resilient and high-performing cloud app of any kind from a mobile app back end to a complex AI-powered system


We provide easiest way to analyze streaming data, gain actionable insights, and respond to your business and customer needs in real time

Cloud Adoption

We re-platform and modernize your apps using APIs in place to integrate the newly migrated applications with enterprise software at minimal risks


We provide cloud-native monitoring and alerting tools to protect your cloud databases, pipelines, and infrastructure, ensuring optimal availability and performance

Our Super powers

Azure Stream Analytics

Store streaming real time data to make it available to other cloud services for further analysis, logging, reporting. You don’t have to worry about any infrastructure setup, you pay only for what you use !

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse merges cloud data warehousing and big data analytics into a single service platform. You’re trying to assess whether you need a cloud data warehouse, a data lake, or both, Azure Synapse Analytics can bridge both of those needs for you.

Azure Cosmos DB

The data can be replicated to the geolocation from where your users are accessing, which helps in serving data quickly to users with low latency.

Machine Learning

Apply AI to your most critical business needs with new Azure AI capabilities.

Power BI

Create and publish interactive dashboards that include ML Insights. Dashboards can be accessed from any device, and embedded into your applications, portals, and websites

Azure Databricks

With Azure Databricks, we can curate and process massive amounts of data and developing, training and deploying models on that data, and managing the whole workflow process throughout the project.

Our services take your business to next level.
We help customers prepare for growth, eliminate uncertainty, train and move faster to cloud

  • We are an Cloud Solution Provider. Our approach to developing business solution can help you field any challenge
  • 93% of our Cloud Professionals are Certified where we bring in proven Industry-tailored solutions
  • You will get access to unparalleled talent and experience which is directly proportional to build fast and secure Cloud Solutions

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