AWS This Is My Architecture
AWS This Is My Architecture

How ITTStar built a unique search and discovery model using AI for a startup in the luxury goods industry.

Webinar Snippet
Webinar co-hosted by ITTStar & AWS

Snippet of the webinar where the speakers presented How small and medium businesses accelerate growth with AI & ML.

Assure Data Security in a Multi-Cloud
Data security challenges in a multi-cloud environment

How ITTStar can help you overcome data security challenges in a multi-cloud environment.

Taking your Shared Office to the Next Level!
Provides a more 'Sticky' tenant experience!

Gone are the days of large and dedicated office environments.

ITTStar Webinar
Accelerating Analytics with Amazon QuickSight

Data source compatibility | Slick and smooth SPICE Engine, Portable – It can be accessed at anytime and anyplace, Flexible–No space constraints | Smart interactive visualisations, Self-service analyses | Highly scalable

Cloud Managed Services
Are you asking the Right questions? | Cloud Managed Services

We manage cloud transitions, as well ongoing management of a cloud resources or infrastructure.

Realize your Cloud Governance strategy!
How to effectively manage the Cloud instances?

Here's how a well-thought-out Cloud Governance strategy can help your business to Effectively Manage and Improve Cloud Environments with a Multicloud Management Strategy.

The Future of Work | Cloud Computing
Automation continues to increase and most % of the work will be automated.

Digitalisation and globalisation have sparked radical shifts in how we live and work. Most % of the work will be automated. Remote work and virtual meetings are likely to continue, albeit less intensely than at the pandemic’s peak.

ITTStar | Technical Webinar
Implement PowerBI Embedding Analytics for better Business Decision.

Embedding Power BI Report/Dashboard to any Application or Web Portal, Embedding Power BI Authoring Console to any Application or Web Portal

The power of PowerBI | Webinar from ITTStar
Why PowerBI is an important tool?

Spot Trend in Read-time, Automatically Search hidden Insight, Custom Visuals

Amazon QuickSight Demo | ITTStar Consulting
Want to know how QuickSight Works?

You can connect to any of the data sources discovered by Amazon QuickSight and get insights from this data in minutes.