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We understand the importance of keeping your data safe and secure in today's fast-paced world of cyber threats. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions to protect your organization's network infrastructure. Our network security cloud services are designed to provide you with the latest and greatest in cybersecurity technology. Our cutting-edge virtual firewalls, VPNs, web application firewalls, and DDoS protection services offer an arsenal of defenses to safeguard your valuable data. At ITTStar, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service and support. We work closely with you to understand your specific cloud network security needs and tailor our solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Our Network Security Cloud Services and Offerings Include

Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)

This service provides a virtual firewall that can be deployed in the cloud to protect network traffic. It offers features such as intrusion prevention, malware detection, and content filtering.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN allows remote workers to securely access the organization's network from any location. This service typically uses encryption to protect data transmission and can be deployed as a cloud-based solution.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A WAF is designed to protect web applications from cyber threats by monitoring and filtering web traffic. It can be deployed as a cloud-based service and provides features such as SQL injection prevention, cross-site scripting (XSS) protection, and bot mitigation.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

A CASB is a cloud-based security solution that provides visibility and control over the use of cloud services by employees. It offers features such as user behavior analytics, access control, and data loss prevention.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) protection

DDoS protection services use cloud-based infrastructure to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks in real-time. These services can provide advanced filtering capabilities to block malicious traffic and ensure service availability.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM services provide centralized control over user access to cloud resources. They typically offer features such as single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and identity federation.

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