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At ITTStar, we understand that every organization has unique needs when it comes to data management. That's why we offer personalized DataOps as a service to help organizations overcome silos between data teams and products and establish a fully integrated data factory view.
We offer personalized DataOps services designed to standardize tools and processes across the entire data estate. Our team conducts a detailed analysis of the existing technology infrastructure to identify areas where standardization can be achieved, resulting in improved data consistency, reduced errors, and greater collaboration between different teams and departments.
In addition, we provide customized data governance services to ensure that data is managed consistently and securely across the entire organization. We work closely with each client to define data ownership, establish data policies, and implement data quality controls that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Our DataOps Solution Includes the Following Steps

Define DataOps strategy and goals

Our team works closely with your organization to understand your business objectives and identify the specific data-related challenges you need to address. We help you define your DataOps strategy and goals to ensure that your DataOps solutions are aligned with your business objectives.

Assess current data environment

Our team conducts a detailed analysis of your existing data environment to identify areas where standardization and automation can be achieved. We evaluate your data architecture, infrastructure, tools, processes, and governance policies to determine the best approach for your organization.

Establish a DataOps team

We help you create a dedicated DataOps team that will be responsible for implementing and managing your DataOps-as-a-Service solution. The DataOps team will include data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, and other relevant roles.

Define DataOps processes and tools

We work with your DataOps team to define the standard processes and tools that they will use to manage your data environment. This includes selecting the right data management platforms, automation tools, and other technologies.

Establish data governance policies

We help you establish data governance policies that define how data will be managed, stored, processed, and secured across your organization. This includes defining data services including data ownership, access controls, data quality standards, and other policies.

Implement DataOps solution

We implement your DataOps solution, starting with a pilot project that tests your processes and tools in a controlled environment. This helps you identify any issues and refine your approach before rolling out your solution to the rest of your organization.

Monitor and optimize DataOps solution

We continuously monitor and optimize your DataOps solution to ensure it is meeting your business objectives and delivering the expected outcomes. This includes tracking metrics such as data quality, data availability, and data processing times, and making adjustments as needed.

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