Executive Summary

Better blue performance is a platform where Law enforcement agencies can build trust with the community, they serve by being transparent, accountable, open, and honest. Improve the overall well-being of both citizens and law enforcement agencies alike. Bring awareness to any unbalanced enforcement of the law. All citizens should be treated the same and is entitled to equal protection, privileges, and franchises within the community they live in.

Customer Challenge

BBP’s business objective is to digitalize the complete lifecycle of law enforcement agencies’ work and the communities they serve. There are several checks in place using Cloud Custodian that need to be tested to ensure that they are working properly. This covers a wide-range of AWS services in areas such as encryption, tagging, logging, resource-specific configurations, and account-level settings. Therefore, there is a challenge of testing each one of these Cloud Custodian controls and all the complex scenarios that may happen in a Production environment. The testing must be salable, reproducible, and automated.

Partner Solution (Contribution to BBP)

  • Phase 1: Discovery - Understanding the application and trying to create a sample flow of data.
  • Phase 2: Analysis & Recommendation - Synthesized finding and recommended a technology enabled solution for large amount of data to be stored. In a proper way so that user can get
  • Phase 3: Defining methodology - ITTStar identified BBP models and defined the process to develop an application for BBP.
  • Phase 4: Implementation - The solution was built on AWS to store images and videos of different models and its corresponding details leveraging various services such as S3.

Why AWS?

Using AWS was a clear winner due to its continuous innovation in technologies like ML/AI, IoT, Data handling capabilities, cost models, and flexibility offering, adding business to speed up the transformation journey. Amazon Recognition & Extract was chosen to bifurcate images and text for easy tagging and to automate the ever-growing physical catalogue that the customer had. Due to its ease of use functionality, it helped alleviate the integration experience into our existing AWS solution with its API model.

Why BBP chose ITTStar? (ITTStar Associates’ Readiness to Solve Specific Problems)

BBP chose ITTStar as their trusted partner in their digital transformation journey. They wanted an expert partner to provide data-driven innovation. ITTStar’s unique approach to solving complex data & analytic problems using cloud-native data platforms and capability to drive innovations under the customer to partner with them. Being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, their understanding of the integration of AWS services in their solutions clubbed with their broken-down approach to solving the overall business challenge imbibed confidence. BBP, thus partnered with ITTStar to identify and implement a unique solution using various technological platforms to revolutionize search and discovery of their luxury BBP using ML capabilities that ITTStar offered.

Results & Benefits

  • Automated the end-to-end process of image tagging Implemented bulk upload for large set of data.
  • Delivered higher accuracy
  • Shorter human problem and time across operations eg: complaints etc.
  • Elevated the overall brand experience for their customers.

About customer 

The Better Blue Performance (BBP) is a platform to build strong relationships of mutual trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Such relationships are critical in maintaining public safety and effective policing. Law enforcement agencies rely on the cooperation of community members to provide information about crimes in their neighborhoods, devising solutions to crime and disorder problems. Similarly, community members’ willingness to trust the police depends on whether they believe that police actions reflect their community values and incorporate the principles of procedural justice, fairness, legitimacy, and an unbiased approach to the rule of law.

Customer Testimonial 

“ITTStar consultants are very knowledgeable and readily available for any tasks no matter the difficulties. They have resolved all issues and are creating a stellar product for us.”

Walter Jones,
CEO/President, BBP