Data Lakehouse

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ITTStar helps companies transform from data warehouse to data lakehouse

Our approach combines various data architecture and engineering methodologies, design patterns and features such as federated query. The design and implementation of the lakehouse is aligned with business objectives such support for diverse data structures, BI tools and multiple workloads including SQL and ML.

Our Superpowers

ITTStar's data engineers have developed frameworks to accelerate design, and implementation of lakehouses with high performance, low latency and optimized cost structure to the level of data storage and computing power. The robust design allows data aggregation from multiple sources and formats without the tedious ETL processes.

Here's how we add value !

Identifying & implementing best repository for each dataset

Designing tables in Redshift using best practices

Using federated queries to provide access to data from various sources without ETL

Optimizing S3 datalake for high performance and low cost

Case Studies

Cloverly Helping the World Go Carbon Neutral
Industry - Renewable Energy

Cloverly made it easier to neutralize your carbon footprint and go green with a variety of Renewable Energy Credits

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