Executive Summary

Impresari Inc, a premium luxury watch rental and trading company that had years of paper catalogs that needed to be digitized. The company partnered with ITTStar to develop this solution using their machine learning capabilities to accelerate business growth and aid them in their digital transformation journey. Leveraging the industry leading capability of AWS, ITTStar enabled Impresari to create valuable business impact.

Customer challenge

Impresari’s business objective is to digitize the complete lifecycle of trading luxury timepieces. Traditional information for luxury watches is maintained in paper catalogs, and estimating the current value of the watch requires expertise only available with select people who have been working in this industry for years. To digitize the customer experience of trading these timepieces, Impresari Inc. wanted to develop a database of premium watches, with more than 30 attributes that define make, model, features and other characteristics. This manual database creation would have had a requirement to hire an army of data entry operators and hence a digital solution was the need of the hour.

Once this visual database is built using technology, the digital experience would allow traders to upload an image of a watch, identify the make and model, and estimate the current market value. This would help eliminate fraud, scams and provide transparency to all parties to trade without any risks.

To attain this objective, Impresari wanted to develop machine learning capability to enable identification of a watch, provide information to traders to authenticate, and establish a fair market value. Further, they wanted to define a rental price for these timepieces to provide interested consumers the option to rent these for a short period of time.

Partner Solution

ITTStar star approached this innovative project in four distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Discovery – Identified all sources and types of data available, including the quality, relevance and usability of such data.
  • Phase 2: Analysis & Recommendation – Synthesized findings and recommended a technology enabled solution to transform books and brochures of luxury watches into a digital ready format.
  • Phase 3: Defining methodology – ITTStar identified watch models and their characteristics and defined a unique model to develop a digital catalog for the customer.
  • Phase 4: Implementation – ITTStar built this unique solution on AWS to extract images of the luxury watches from the catalog and corresponding details leveraging various services such as S3, Lambda, Rekognition and Textract. The input images were parsed for watches and corresponding description.

Why AWS?

Using AWS was a clear winner due to its continuous innovation in technologies like ML/AI, IoT, Data handling capabilities, its cost models and flexible offerings, aiding business to speed up the transformation journey. Amazon Rekognition & Textract was chosen to diverge images and text for easy tagging and to automate the ever-growing physical catalog that the customer had. Due to its ease of use functionality, it helped alleviate the integration experience, into our existing AWS solution with its API model.

Why Impresari chose ITTStar?

Impresari chose ITTStar as their trusted partner in their digital transformation journey. They wanted an expert partner to provide data driven innovation. ITTStar’s unique approach to solve the complex data & analytics problems using cloud native data platforms and capability to drive innovations lured the customer to partner with them. Being an AWS Advanced Partner, their understanding of integration of AWS services in their solutions clubbed with their broken-down approach to solve the overall business challenge imbibed confidence. Impresari, thus partnered with ITTStar to identify and implement a unique solution using various technological platforms to revolutionize search and discovery of their luxury timepieces using ML capabilities that ITTStar offered.

Impact & Result

ITTStar's unique solution transformed Impresari’s business functioning in the following ways:

  • Pioneered a one-of a kind, secured database of all expensive watches
  • Easy and accurate identification of model and make of all their watches
  • Automated the end to end process of image tagging
  • Implemented one click search & discovery of all products
  • 15X faster discovery
  • Delivered higher accuracy
  • Shorter turnaround time across operations eg: returns management, warehousing, labelling, sales, rentals
  • Elevated the overall brand experience for their customers

About customer 
Impresari is a luxury watch rental company which was built for watch lovers by watch lovers to elevate consumer’s style with the finest timepieces in the world without having to own and maintain them. Their consumer-focused business model enables consumers to upgrade their style without the burden of ownership and long-term commitment by enabling luxury on rent. The collection includes incredible pieces from the house of luxury brands like Rolex, Cartier, Brietling, Hublot, IWC, Panerai Omega, Audemars Piquet, Patek Phillipe and many more. They also enable their partners to monetize excess inventory while taking care of their hi-end luxury property on their behalf.
Customer Testimonial 

“I have dealt with many IT consulting firms through our my career and my businesses

ITTStar's team has been one of the best:

  • Worked really hard to understand real life business problem in an industry they did not know very well and were able to provide new idea to tackle really business problems.
  • Their approach followed by discovery is phenomenal.
  • The team members are very knowledgeable I will recommend this team a 100% of the time. As a matter of fact I am continuing to another project with them.“

Abdullah Daoud, CEO & Founder, Impresari Inc