Machine Learning

Enhance decision making through algorithms and models

ITTStar builds flexible and actionable ML solutions

Our approach to developing Machine Learning solutions combines multiple methodologies including CRISP-DM and CPMAI. The first step is focused on understanding business problems and objectives. From these, our talented team of ML engineers build the necessary pipeline for understanding the data in terms of value and quality. Basic insights and hypothesis are derived from the data. Modeling techniques are applied to the curated data and evaluated based on various metrics. Once the champion model is selected and deployed, results are provided through the customer's preferred channel.

Our Superpowers

ITTStar's team of ML engineers, data scientists and AI specialists have years of experience developing and delivering solutions leveraging multiple technologies, platforms and domains. Our solutions range from recommendation systems, forecasting models, intelligent bots, digital channel attribution models, to name a few.

Here's how we add value !

Open & flexible engagement with unique data strategy

Start small approach with well defined success criteria

Easy transition from POC to full implementation

Faster speed-to-value

Case Studies

Discovery of Luxury watches using Machine Learning on AWS

Impresari Inc, a premium luxury watch rental and trading company that had years of paper catalogs that needed to be digitized.

Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance Tracking Company

Verifacto, a leading provider of insurance tracking and risk management company wanted to enable their clients to better manage risk, collections and customer interactions using technology.

AI/ML Solution Provider For Retailers

PredictSys is a leading AI/ML solutions provider for retailers and fashion brands.

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