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ITTStar is a customer‐centric enterprise that delivers global software solutions with specialization in digitalization of business assets, using data analytics. Our unique approach facilitates solving complex problems by helping businesses build cloud‐native data platforms, enabling capabilities that drive innovative solutions.

Our Practice Areas

We specialize in 4 areas of expertise, enabling customers to accelerate business outcomes

ITTStar Cloud Strategy - Assessment and Planning

Move your business to the cloud, to maximize hardware and resource management.

Investing in cloud platform architecture consolidates the hardware, saving on resource consumption and overheads. Whether you employ a private or public cloud platform model, ITTStar solutions can help you achieve your business goals. Careful marketplace investigation challenges the existing model, to implement the solution that is right for you. Our team works with clients to identify the ideal resources to maximize the benefits of cloud architecture, and incorporate a migration plan for reliability and security. With immense industry experience in cloud infrastructure implementation, we guide you in the right direction to achieve a fully integrated tech-driven environment.

ITTStar cloud services offer

  • Expert cloud engineers to resourcefully identify a consolidation plan
  • Vendor-specific licensing and usage advice
  • Vast knowledge portal of a winning cloud strategy
  • Product suggestions tailored to meet current and future business requirements
  • AWS, Azure, Office 365, Oracle Cloud, GCP, VMWare Cloud Solutions requirements

ITTStar Cloud Build - Infrastructure and Migration

Our expert team will administer every step of your migration to cloud

System migration comes with a fair share of challenges, yet Cloud Migration deals with challenges that are entirely different, with impacts on different parts of the environment. Our job is to provide a winning formula to reinforce your digital assets using the latest technologies.

We identified top key challenges of clients

  • Complexity of Cloud Architecture and integrated technologies
  • Security and compliance concerns
  • Reinventing current operations
  • Technical cloud skill expertise

Cloud Migration Services

We are fluent with the technologies that drive cloud architecture, and our experts handle the associated challenges by providing the befitting solution to migrate your systems to cloud.

Data Systems Migration

Application Migration

Infrastructure Migration

Challenges & Solutions

Cloud migration strategy combines the benefit of minimized costs incurred for risk management and infrastructure transformation.
Strategic planning and prompt delivery of the latest technologies to bolster your cloud architecture with a secure, reliable and efficient management console.
Cloud management platform offers tools for automated code remediation and re-hosting while reducing human intervention, creating a custom enterprise cloud solution.

ITTStar Cloud Transformation - Data & Intelligence

Our incisive Data Intelligence is a user-friendly data management solution for your buiness. As the data-driven facet of ITTStar’s Business Technology Platform, it transforms data distribution into precise data insights, delivering purposeful innovation at scale.

Use data intelligence to process distributed data

Provide your users with relevant, contextual and intelligent insights with custom integrated solutions across the IT setup.

  • Discover and connect to secure data, anywhere and anyway you require
  • Integrate and handle big data, and massive data streams at scale
  • Operationalize, streamline and govern innovation driven by machine learning
  • Optimize data administration and minimize compliance risks with user-friendly metadata and management rules

ITTStar Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services aligns businesses with world class security requirements, application expertise and service level commitments, to provide teams with fast, secure and scalable solutions.

We manage the full solution stack with a single point of accountability for every facet of the cloud journey, including advisory, transformation and management services that cover applications, infrastructure and operations, all under a single SLA.

We support the deployment, integration, ongoing management and optimization of Information Management applications and infrastructure as well as delivering cost efficiencies, scalability, reliability, security and flexibility.

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