Executive Summary

Verifacto is a technology company focused on improving and innovating how Auto Dealers and Auto Finance Companies manage their business. They provide a modern, cloud-based, full-featured platform that includes a loan management system (LMS), dealer management system (DMS), collateral protection insurance (CPI), and insurance tracking solutions. These solutions help clients to maximize efficiency and increase profitability by mitigating insurance, compliance, and financing risks.

Customer Challenge

Due to its unplanned organic growth, Verifacto's AWS infrastructure was plagued by inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and limited scalability. This resulted in wasted resources, potential security breaches, poor user experience during peak traffic, and an inability to adapt to the business's changing needs. A comprehensive re-architecture plan was essential to address these issues, prioritizing scalability, security, and cost optimization to build a robust and efficient system.

Partner Solution

ITTStar redesigned the client's AWS environment, prioritizing security, reliability, and cost optimization. The implementation was done in phases to minimize disruption by enhancing the VPC network with new subnets and security groups for improved traffic management. Following AWS's Well Architected best practices, we addressed scalability with Elastic Load Balancing, strengthened security using IAM, Secrets Manager, and encryption, and optimized costs by leveraging Reserved/Spot Instances, Cost Explorer, and by right-sizing EC2 instances.

Why AWS?

The customer selected AWS for this re-architecture initiative due to its strengths in addressing core project requirements, as AWS provides unparalleled scalability through Elastic Load Balancing, ensuring the infrastructure dynamically adapts to demand. Its robust security features, including IAM, Secrets Manager, and encryption services, mitigate risks and protect sensitive data. AWS offers cost optimization tools like Reserved/Spot Instances and Cost Explorer. Moreover, AWS's comprehensive service ecosystem, including serverless technologies and alignment with the Well-Architected Framework, supported a flexible and agile transformation.

Why Verifacto chose ITTStar?

To ensure the success of the complex re-architecture, the customer chose to work with ITTStar. This decision was driven by ITTStar's deep expertise in AWS technologies, solution-specific knowledge, and a proven track record in similar projects. ITTStar's experience reduced implementation risks, accelerated the realization of benefits, and provided the customer with ongoing support and optimization services for their re-architected AWS environment.

Impact & Results:

1. Enhanced Performance and Scalability:
  • Improved website load times by 20%.
  • Reduced latency by 15 milliseconds.
  • Increased peak traffic capacity by 25% without performance degradation.

2. Strengthened Security and Cost Optimization:
  • Achieved 30% cost savings compared to previous infrastructure.
  • Implemented robust security measures, resulting in reduced security risks.

3. Customer Satisfaction and Competitive Advantage:
  • Enhanced user experience and confidence due to more robust security measures.
  • Achieved a competitive edge through improved performance and cost optimization.
About Verifacto

Verifacto is a risk management technology company providing insurance tracking with focus on improving the ways auto lenders and borrowers connect with information. Their system tracks insurance status and compliance for lienholders and additional insured combined with loan payment reminders and smart recovery. Verifacto provides real time insurance status combined with loan payment status on thousands of auto loans to help lenders minimize risk, maximize profits and efficiencies.