Executive Summary

The customer, a leading WiFi solutions provider, was looking for a partner who could develop a customer dashboard to provide valuable insights into guest’s WiFi needs and behaviors. On understanding this need, a solution was built with a simple interface that shows the system's performance at a glance. The solution developed was easy to use and provided custom reports with a complete view on the usage of WiFi network. In just a few clicks, detailed specifics could be generated that could help identify and predict the future needs of the network. Deploying this solution helped the customer to accelerate business and provide great service to its clients.

Customer Challenge

The customer wanted to understand their end users’ experience for the Wi-Fi service they provide by getting real-time insights into the WiFi router’s health checks. They were keen to explore a solution which could send proactive notifications to the monitoring team to take corrective measures. The solution should support proactive diagnosis of WiFi router to simplify overall operations and, in turn, better user experience and virtual wireless assistance.

Partner Solution

To solve this business challenge, ITTStar’s goal was to bring the customer’s hospitality clients closer to their guest experience through a comprehensive view of network activity and deep analytics which resulted to be operationally proactive. ITTStar identified different data sources and dumped all those into a Data Lake. Once all the data was available, it was easy to correlate and have a bigger picture of the network connectivity and understand how to work proactively before even a failure occurs. On the historical data, Machine Learning models were deployed to develop predictive and prescriptive based solution to predict the likelihood of devices and sensors failure so that customer can be well equipped to handling a connectivity crisis. ITTStar also developed a detailed analytics dashboard using Amazon QuickSight which allowed an end-to-end visualization of the entire network. The dashboard not only provided a geo-location view at a single glance but also insights into the quality of network at each hotel, bandwidth usage and more. This helped the team to forecast the health of the devices and their propensity to fail in the near future and take proactive measures to fix & deploy accordingly in order to optimize these resources.

Why AWS?

Data volumes are growing exponentially, and so are the costs to store and analyze that data. AWS provides a variety of comprehensive tools to help control costs – the costs of storing and analyzing all of your data at scale. AWS also provides the broadest and deepest portfolio of purpose-built analytics tools to get insights from the data from all kinds of data. The solution was designed to scale and support the customer to perform data movement, securely store and segment customer’s data, build deep analytics. AWS EC2 was used to compute and Dynamo DB for database. AWS Lake Formation was used to automate and eradicate manual processes reducing the estimated time from months to just a few days. Further machine learning models using AWS tools were built to forecast likely outcomes.

Results & Benefits

Increase in customer experience and loyalty by predicting access point traffic, monitoring network performance and reducing downtime.
Decrease in maintenance costs by 30% through log and event monitoring, automated ticket creation and escalation.
Reduction in operational costs by predicting network disruptions and initiating escalation protocol.
Metrics captured from Quicksight dashboard for proactive fixes.

About the Customer

The customer supplies a full range of network solutions to the hospitality and travel industry with proprietary solutions and services that integrate technology to heighten the guest experience. Their services include network intelligence, custom-designed solutions, real-time monitoring of speed, safety and connectivity.

They are an industry-leading provider of managed Wi-Fi solutions customized to the exact needs, specific layout, no matter its size. They serve thousands of hotels in the U.S. and Canada by accomplishing the ‘preferred network vendor’ status for major hotel brands. They also serve restaurants, healthcare facilities, airports, and other service industries.