Webinar: Technical Webinar on Embedded analytics

The integration of analytical capabilities and data visualizations into another software application is known as embedded analytics
Webinar: AWS HealthLake A Practitioner's Primer

ITTStar Consulting is inviting you to a webinar on AWS HealthLake. You will hear from experts and practitioners about how AWS Healthlake is important for healthcare organizations and how Healthlake augment data analytics and AI
Accelerating Analytics with Amazon QuickSight

In this Webinar, Audience will learn about embedded analytics, a powerful feature that can deliver reliable and actionable insights within enterprise application infrastructure.
Technical Webinar on Implement PowerBI Embedding Analytics for better Business Decision

In this Webinar, we will learn step by step process of implementing embedding sophisticated Power BI reports and dashboards directly into your customers website or application.
Leverage the power of Power BI for deeper insights and enhanced data visualization

In this LIVE webinar, discover the process of using this Author tool to model and transform data using the in-built Query Editor.
Webinar: How small and medium businesses accelerate growth with AI & ML

In this webinar, the speakers will present challenges faced by SMBs and how we can help customers deliver desired business outcomes.