About the Webinar

This webinar explains how we offer a complete solution for diagnosing log infrastructure using OpenSearch, a distributed analytics suite. OpenSearch is a robust tool for real-time monitoring applications, analyzing logs, and performing website searches. It provides a scalable system with built-in visualization through OpenSearch Dashboards and offers various search and analytics features. With this solution, we can efficiently aggregate, analyze, and manage logs from multiple services and accounts in one centralized location

Who Should Attend

This event is intended for those familiar with AWS or interested in centralizing logs from multiple AWS accounts. It's a webinar to showcase the capabilities of AWS OpenSearch, so prior AWS knowledge is necessary.

Topics Covered

  • Presentation: Introduction to OpenSearch
  • Use Cases on OpenSearch
  • Walk through the Demo Additional Features OpenSearch

We will walk you through the whole solution and its advantages. And how it can add transparency and benefit to the business.

How to prepare for this event

Basic knowledge of the cloud, infrastructure, and services is required. Prior knowledge of AWS services like Kinesis, Lambda, CloudWatch and OpenSearch would add an advantage.

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Agingson George
Data Engineer
ITTStar Consulting, LLC
Chris Turner
Partner Solutions Architect – Data & Analytics
Amazon Web Services (AWS)