Executive Summary

Fleetronix is a fleet management solution that provides real-time visibility and traceability with IoT and AI-enabled technologies. Connecting data, processes, and people with end-to-end visibility backed by real-time data for best-in-class customer experiences. This enables informed decision-making with real-time data on every desired KPI. Real time intelligence with essential information through analytic dashboards and alerts gives greater control of the operations.

Customer Challenge

The customer is hosted on the AWS environment and was experiencing issues with scaling to the demands of increased load in the server. As they have installed both Mongo and Cassandra databases in the EC2 instance. The proposed solution was to migrate Mongo DB to Amazon document DB and Cassandra to AWS keyspaces and implement AWS services like lambda to have serverless computing code for multiple process.

Partner Solution

ITTStar developed, tested, and deployed infrastructure that is configured to auto-scale based on business demand. This is accomplished by utilizing the right-sized EC2 Servers and Continuous Implementation/Continuous Deployment pipelines were automated & deployed using a combination of AWS CodeCommit, Amazon CodePipleline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy. This ensured minimal downtime for maintenance and upgrades. The new solution ensures no disruption in services and proactive mitigation of potential demand issues.

ITTStar also Re-Platformed Mongo DB database that was hosted on EC2 instance and was migrated to Document DB and Cassandra database to Amazon Keyspaces to potentially take advantage of some of the special capabilities of these managed database services offered by AWS.

Why AWS?

Fleetronix chose AWS as their platform for the application due to various reasons. These include

  • The ability to easily auto-scale in both a server and serverless environment
  • Complete integration of a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) capability
  • Ability to include an integrated and layered security methodology
  • The overall stability of the platform.

Why Fleetronix chose ITTStar?

We won this customer through experience, solid processes, and our strong customer service ethos. ITTStar has a strong skill set around DevOps that won us the business. We also won with our dedication and service to the customer, which was very well received and praised. Fleetronix had already made the decision to migrate their services to AWS, but there were significant issues with the original configuration and infrastructure. ITTStar utilized a structured approach to testing the environment and was able to develop a much better overall architecture that met the client’s needs. In addition, by taking the time to audit their security posture, ITTStar was able to greatly improve overall solution security and provide a more robust solution than they originally designed. By taking a holistic approach to design and utilizing the AWS Well-Architected framework, ITTStar was able to not only meet but exceed the customer’s expectations.

Impact & Results

ITTStar's unique solution transformed Fleetronix business functioning in the following ways:

  • Reduction in administrative time and hardware maintenance issues
  • Enabled scaling as and when required
  • Provided operational flexibility to business operations
About the Customer

Fleetronix is a fleet management solution with an Intelligent end-to-end platform for real-time traceability and visibility to help manage and control operations driven by comprehensive and customized reports. They are into supply chain analytics, smart tracking, vehicle maintenance and asset management, driver behaviour module, fuel management module.

Customer Testimonial

"A genuine interest in understanding various aspects of the project. The willingness to seek clarity and engage in discussions to gain insights was quite commendable. The questions often prompted thoughtful exploration, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the project's objectives and challenges."

-Taukeer Ahmed