Executive Summary

Hennessy Auto, metro Atlanta's leading used car luxury vehicle sales, service, and leasing company, is at the forefront of a digital transformation movement across the enterprise. They harnessed the power of data and planned modernization to meet today's market challenges. With the help of ITTStar experienced data consultants, Hennessy built an end-to-end infrastructure for the early stages of a modern data platform, paving the way for future improvements and enhancements. This gave them the insight and the highest quality data on their buyers and customers so that they can make the smartest buying and selling decisions.

Customer Challenge

The Hennessy Automobile Company's business goal is to build a new data store in the cloud and pull data from both Manheim and Adesa for business analytics purposes. The data from Manheim API and Adesa needed to be processed and stored in the newly introduced Data Lake Store. Curated data must be processed in an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server, which facilitates other downstream analytics such as business intelligence insights. For example, Hennessy Auto uses Power BI. Optionally, AWS Athena and AWS QuickSight can also be set up to consume the data from the Data Lake Store for ad-hoc queries and BI reports/insights respectively.

Partner Solution

ITTStar implemented the solution to this project by solving mainly four requirements.

  • Created scalable and highly available data lake on AWS. The data lake allows Hennessy to store all data-structured and unstructured in one central repository.
  • Created Event Driven (Adesa) and Batch Oriented (Manheim) workloads using AWS Lambda which is a serverless, event-driven computing service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers.
  • Adhoc Queries capabilities on the Source as well as Refined Data within AWS.
  • Data has to be consumed by On Premise MS SQL Server DB behind a restricted Network Firewall.
  • About the Customer

    Hennessy Automobile Companies is the premier luxury vehicle sales, service, and leasing company in the metro Atlanta. They have a variety of luxury vehicles for different styles and occasions. They have a strong and dedicated sales team with years of experience meeting customer needs. Hennessy Automobile Companies not only sell vehicles but also provide after-purchase maintenance.

    Why AWS?

    AWS provides secure, reliable, scalable, and affordable cloud computing services. To leverage scalability, AWS can easily manage increasing workloads by allocating resources based on demand. Offering products ranging from hosting data in the cloud with S3 to logical isolation with Amazon VPC. AWS Lambda is designed to let you run your code without setting up and managing servers. AWS SQS (fully managed message queue) for communicating with Lambda based on events in S3.
    New data comes into the input bucket in S3. Amazon S3 publishes events to an SQS queue and transfers data to the queue. Queued data is retrieved using AWS Lambda. Data is processed by Lambda and returned to the S3 output bucket. The same process is used and data is consumed from a local MS SQL Server.

    Why Hennessy chose ITTStar?

    Hennessy Automobile Company chose ITTStar as their trusted partner for their digital transformation. They wanted an expert partner who could deliver data-driven innovation. ITTStar’s unique approach to solving complex data and analytics problems using cloud-native data platforms and their ability to drive innovation attracted customers to work with them.
    As an AWS Select Partner, their understanding of how to integrate AWS services into their solutions, coupled with their fragmented approach to solving the overall business challenge, gave us confidence.

    Impact & Results:

    • Automation - Automated end to end process of ETL
    • API latency - Saved number of API calls