Executive Summary

Jamiie is a FinTech company providing financial wellness lessons and the opportunities to close the wealth and income inequality gap faced by women and minorities.

Customer Challenge

The customer was looking for a vendor to migrate their application from on-premises to cloud and manage their cloud infrastructure in an optimal and secure fashion since the cost associated with managing and maintaining on-premises server was high and was not able to scale at the current growth of the company

Partner Solution

ITTStar identified client’s applications and server infrastructure and classified the severs which should undergo the Cloud Endure migration and S3 Sync. This is accomplished by utilizing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), as well as Elastic Block Store (EBS), Relation Database (RDS), and Elastic Load Balancing (ELB). In addition, a Continuous Implementation/Continuous Deployment function was deployed using a combination of Amazon CodePipleline, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy. This ensured minimal downtime for maintenance and upgrades. The new solution ensures no disruption in services, as well as proactive mitigation of potential demand issues.

Why AWS?

The AWS cloud is the ultimate cloud computing platform for fast adapting to changing technological environments. The AWS cloud platform will satisfy all your business demands, whether you are a large or small company. As per the recent data, customers who migrate to AWS saw a 51 percent decrease in operational costs, a 62 percent improvement in IT staff efficiency, and a 94 percent reduction in downtime, according to the study. Many firms are migrating to the cloud ecosystem to take advantage of the AWS cloud and the following are some of the most significant benefits of moving to AWS cloud solutions.

Why customer chose ITTStar?

To solve customer requirement ITTStar came up with the solution, to solve this business challenge, ITTStar engaged with Jamiie on a workshop to walk them through the process we are going to follow and the perks the client will acquire on their infrastructure to the AWS cloud environment and ITTStar has previously worked on creating an infrastructure and hosting a website on that infrastructure.

Results & Benefits:

  • Flexibility - One of the most significant advantages of AWS cloud is the ability to load programs according to your needs. You will be able to design the elements that your application needs in the virtual environment. This simplifies and streamlines the migration procedure.
  • Scalability - AWS enables organizations to scale at their own pace, with no limits, adding resources at the right time and expanding their cloud environment to meet changing business needs and goals.
  • Cost Reduction - AWS platform to run your operating system and enterprise apps with no upfront fees and just pay for the computing resources you use
  • Security & Resilience - With AWS, companies operate on one secure, robust platform, enabling far more governance and streamlined testing and improved security at every level.
About the Customer

Jamiie is a digital money pooling savings app that combines group savings, accountability, credit building, micro-lending, and financial education to give Jamiie members automated, safer, more convenient, and reliable way to reach their financial goals faster.