Executive Summary

Security Benefit required an efficient log management system to address their unique challenges. Their existing log infrastructure was fragmented, making it challenging to identify issues quickly. Moreover, as their customer base grew, so did their log data volume. To meet these needs, Security Benefit partnered with ITTStar to implement a solution based on OpenSearch, AWS Kinesis Firehose, etc.

Customer Challenge

Security Benefit faced several significant challenges:

  • Log Fragmentation: Their log data was spread across multiple services and accounts, hindering effective monitoring and analysis.
  • Inefficient Analysis: Existing log tools were unable to provide real-time analysis, leading to delays in issue identification.
  • Scalability: With a growing customer base, they needed a scalable solution to handle increasing log data volumes efficiently.

Partner Solution

ITTStar, an expert in AWS and log management, proposed a tailored solution.

  • OpenSearch Implementation: ITTStar set up an OpenSearch cluster to centralize log data, acting as a librarian for logbooks.
  • Kinesis Firehose Integration: A Kinesis Firehose stream was created to transport logs to OpenSearch efficiently, functioning as a conveyor belt for log data.
  • Unified Log Gathering: ITTStar connected logs from various AWS accounts, ensuring they were consolidated in one location, eliminating scattered logs.
  • Custom Log Organization: Logs were systematically organized in OpenSearch to enable proper sorting and indexing, similar to organizing socks neatly

Why AWS?

The client was already utilizing the AWS platform, managing multiple accounts within their infrastructure. They recognized the need for a centralized log solution to streamline their operations. After conducting extensive research, it became evident that AWS's OpenSearch service was the ideal choice, offering a highly efficient and smooth solution for their log management needs.

Why Security Benefits chose ITTStar?

Security Benefit selected ITTStar for several compelling reasons:

  • Expertise: ITTStar possesses a deep knowledge of AWS and log management.
  • Proven Track Record: ITTStar has a track record of successfully delivering similar solutions to happy clients.
  • Tailored Solution: ITTStar customized the solution to fit Security Benefit's needs perfectly.
  • Ongoing Support: ITTStar consistently provides unwavering support, making it a steadfast lifeline you can absolutely rely on.

Impact & Results

  • Implemented an advanced log management system using OpenSearch and Kinesis Firehose.
  • The solution enables Security Benefit to monitor their logs efficiently, identify issues swiftly, and scale seamlessly as their business grows.
About the Customer

Security Benefit is experiencing rapid growth and has expanded its customer base, resulting in the management of multiple AWS accounts. Their infrastructure has become increasingly complex, and the demands on their network and application systems have been steadily growing. Due to these developments, the customer recognized the need for a robust log management solution that would allow them to monitor their network and application logs effectively.

Customer Testimonial

"Solid team participation and knowledgeable - was able to bootstrap the code base and knowledge transfer effective such that our Data Engineers/ Developers (DataOps) could mature and support the AWS Glue Data Lake environment"

-Myron Blaine
Advanced Data Analytics
Security Benefit