Cloverly Helping the World Go Carbon Neutral
Cloverly Helping the World Go Carbon Neutral

Cloverly made it easier to neutralize your carbon footprint

Providentia Learning
Providentia Learning - Foresee a Brighter Academic Future

Continuing education to expand their digital learning and digital classroom experiences

Automation and great customer experience
Automation and great customer experience

Automation and great customer experience, powered by AWS CCI solution

From Manual to Digital transformation journey
Digitalization and great customer experience

Revolutionizing Search & Discovery of Luxury watches using Machine Learning on AWS

American apparel company
Data Lake implementation

Data Lake implementation & designing of forecasting models for a leading American apparel company

Auto Insurance Tracking Company
Industry - Insurance

Automation and Digital Transformation using AI driven BOTs

Roadside Assistance Provider
Industry - Automotive Service

Personalization & intelligence to an existing contact center solution

AI/ML solution provider for Retailers
Industry - Technology

Fashion forecasting, predicting customer demand and optimizing recommendations using AI

Global IT solutions provider
Industry - Information Technology

Application and server migration to revamp the existing IT environment

Virtual Healthcare Company
Industry - Healthcare

Cloud-native data visualization using Machine Learning

Water Technologies Company
Industry - Utilities

IOT enabled solution to help increase productivity

Internet Solutions Company
Industry - Software

Transforming network experiences for users using Machine Learning on AWS

Digital Trust & Saftey Services
Industry - Cyber Security

Build a Data Pipeline to partition the data in AWS Redshift table to while guaranteeing no loss of ingesting data

American Tobacco Company
Industry - Tobacco

Re-Platforming of the Data Warehouse to the Cloud as the on prem Teradata warehouse has hit its limits and limitation

Nationwide Logistics Operator
Industry - Logistics

The purpose was to build an AWS Data lake with Data sources using Salesforce, Oracle RDBMS, Twitter, LinkedIn and ClickStream.

Digital Consulting Company
Industry - Consulting

AI powered customer 360 solution for digital customer experience enhancement